Have you found the Brain over Binge Course helpful, but you want additional support and advice for continuing your recovery?

No matter what stage of recovery you are in, we welcome you to join us in After Course Support.

We will cover what’s most pressing to you and dive into whatever you need to help you move along in your quest for freedom from binge eating. You'll learn to solidify new habits and make change permanent.

*You must purchase the Independent Study Course / 8-Week Group Course before purchasing After Course Support.*


The goal of After Course Support is to help you cement the progress you’ve made in the Brain over Binge 8-Week Group Course or the Independent Study Course, and guide you until you feel free from destructive eating habits. We will support you in applying the course concepts in real time, in your life and your own unique situations. Here is what you will get:


Twice per month, attend a live one-hour group call with Kathryn, Cookie, or both coaches together, along with other members. Actively participate by asking questions and sharing your success, or learn from listening to others share and receive coaching. 


After Course Support includes 10 additional audios with corresponding worksheets to help you address issues that often come up during and after recovery.  


6 months is an ideal time frame to turn positive changes into permanent changes. Give yourself the gift of this support, as insurance against going back to harmful habits. 


If you cannot attend a call, we've got you covered! You can write in your questions in advance, and you will get a recording of every support call. Additionally, you can gain valuable ideas and advice from over 50 hours of previous support call recordings.


Receive support, encouragement, and accountability from other inspiring and knowledgable members of the After Course Support group.


We know everyone is unique, so if after the initial 6 months, you would like to continue with support, you will have the ability to purchase a monthly subscription at a low price.

"The course and the support afterward gave me my life back! I can’t imagine going back to living a life controlled by food. I have not binged in quite a while, but more important, when I do have urges - which are much less frequent than they used to be - I find it very easy to dismiss them. I used to panic thinking about the future, wondering when my next binge will be, but I don’t think like that anymore. I didn’t purposefully decide to do that either, somehow my thinking has completely shifted, and I am just so happy and grateful to Kathryn and Cookie." - Grace (After Course Support Member)

A Group for Course Graduates

After Course Support is not open to the public; it is only open to past members of the Brain over Binge 8-Week Group Course and those who go through the Independent Study Course. You can participate anonymously.  

Monthly Call Details

  • You will have access to 2 live support calls per month (one-hour each). 
  • Calls are open to all group members.
  • Kathryn, Cookie, or both coaches will be on the calls to help you with any challenges. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Kathryn will be the only coach on the group calls until further notice, while Cookie deals with a health issue.
  • The calls will be on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month* at the following call times: 
  • United States: 11:00am ET, 10:00am CT, 9:00am MT, 8:00am PT
  • United Kingdom: 4:00pm

*Individual call dates subject to change, typically based on United States holidays.  

If you can’t make the call live, you will always have the opportunity to write in your questions in advance and we will cover them on the call.

A Word From the Coaches

Kathryn Hansen

“I love our group's support calls. It is so encouraging and inspiring to hear about everyone's success. When we coach our members through challenges they are having, everyone on the call or listening to the recording can benefit from the discussion."

Cookie Rosenblum

"We know that the brain can try to pull you back toward old habits for a while after you’ve made a big change. That's why we want to be there to support you as you maintain the progress you made in the course and build healthy habits for the future.”

*You must purchase the Independent Study Course / 8-Week Group Course before purchasing After Course Support.*


Continue to build on the success you had in the course and give yourself a strong foundation for a binge-free life.  

Let’s work together to strengthen what you’ve learned and make it a truly lasting change.

In addition to the course materials that will continue to be available to you, your one-time fee gives you access to the After Course Support sections of the website and the live support calls for 6 months.


*You must purchase the Independent Study Course / 8-Week Group Course before purchasing After Course Support.*

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